Reflection from May 12, 2013 submitted by Laura Scott

“The dress was beautiful. Sure, it had a bad case of static cling but this was late winter in Winnipeg, so I didnʼt think anything of it”. ….. Click here to read more.

Reflection from January 29, 2012 submitted by Bruce Graham.

“Have you ever had a task to do that you just couldn’t get around to starting? You knew what had to be done,”……. Click here to read more.

Reflection from October 30, 2011 submitted by Dan Essery.

“Todayʼs Old Testament lesson tells the story of Joshua leading his people across the Jordan River”….. Click here to read more.


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“May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with you all”
2 Corinthians 13-14