Building our Vision – Knox Financial Campaign.

We have now completed the roof work. Thank you again.


Congratulations to the people of Knox!

The Building Our Vision campaign was a success. At the Celebration Dinner last Sunday, we announced a total of $359,140.01 raised and contributions continue to come in. The opportunity is still there to be part of the vision and bring us closer to our $400,000 goal. We now have the money needed to do the roof and building repairs outlined in the campaign and hire a youth and community outreach minister. Thank you to the fundraising committee and to our consultant Norm Velnes for months of hard work, thank you to the other volunteers who helped make calls and plan the Celebration Dinner, and thank you to the congregation of Knox for your support. This marks an important milestone in the church’s history.


There are various Ways to Support  available to you if you wish to support this campaign.


Building Our Vision – Update August 29, 2012

The Building Our Vision campaign committee has 10 members. They are Betty Anderson, Ashley Bennett, Pat Fair, Jan Fletcher, Ruth Harland, Pieter Joubert, Miriam MacDonald, Lynda Pyzer, Brenda Shodin and Jay Whetter.

Committees. The campaign committee will have 6 subcommittees requiring about 20 other people in addition to the 10 noted above. We will be calling on volunteers over the next couple weeks. We are looking for volunteers for the:

Phoning committee – to call all members of the congregation and invite them to meetings.

Material committee – will prepare and produce campaign material.

Celebration committee – will plan celebration Sunday, set for November 18.

September 8. The campaign committee will have an all-day meeting with Norm Velnes, the fundraising consultant we’ve hired, to develop the case statement for the campaign. This will be the language we’ll use throughout the campaign to instil passion in the plan to update the roof to preserve the building and hire a youth and community outreach minister to preserve the congregation.

September 23. Kick off lunch and get together with the congregation after church to describe the plan. We will divide into house groups with one campaign committee member joining each house group to provide details on the campaign and take questions.

From that day until early November the campaign will meet with every member of the congregation, regular attendees or not, to make the pitch. Some of these meetings will be one on one, some will be in larger groups. We do not expect every person to give the same amount. As Norm Velnes says, “Not equal giving, but equal sacrifice.”

We will take pledges in November.

November 18. Celebration day. The campaign wraps with a party, and official announcement of the money raised.


Building Our Vision

This fall we will be raising money to put our vision into action. Our vision, determined through the many interviews with you during the JNAC process last year, is to invest in our building and in the spiritual education of our children, and to broaden our social and spiritual involvement in the community. Our next step is to put this vision into action. It is an exciting time for Knox.

This fall we will embark on a capital campaign called Building Our Vision. We are raising money to replace the roof, fix the exterior woodwork, and hire a new youth and community outreach minister. The goal is to raise $400,000. We have hired Norm Velnes and his partner Derek McLean to help. Norm was a United Church minister and was president of the United Church Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. For the past 10 years he’s been a fundraising specialist. Our campaign will benefit greatly from the expertise Norm and Derek provide. The fundraising group has its next meeting with Norm and Derek, Monday June 18 at 6:00 at Knox. No great strides, no worthy investments, are made without money.

Communities are built on commitment and sacrifice for the common good. This is not lost money. This is our investment in the future of Kenora. I’m talking to you this month to get you inspired for the campaign this fall. Together, we are Building Our Vision.

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2 Corinthians 13-14