Emerging Spirit Grants


The United Church of Canada supports new ministry ideas through its Emerging Spirit grants. In 2018 Knox gratefully received a grant for $25,000 to begin a project in the Kenora Community that speaks to recommendations in the Truth and Reconciliation Report.  It was to begin a project that connects families in Kenora (multigenerational and multi-cultures) in seeking to better understand and experience traditional Anishinaabe Practices and teachings.  The project has grown to contribute in many ways to our community:

Strangers have become friends – feasting and dreaming and learning together
Generations within families are learning together
Understanding between cultures as we figure out how to work collaboratively together
Personal growth and delight in discovering our own strengths and risking to share these with others
Here is the report from our first year of the project:

Final Report 2018 Pabaamashi


With the opening of the Visionary Service Hub in Spring of 2019, the context for ministry at Knox changed substantially.
Because of the location of the new Hub –  the community became abruptly aware of the severity of the local opioid crisis and of many of the social issues underlying it.
Awareness is opportunity:  it means that community has to acknowledge and become involved in the solutions.
Knox was sharing its limited green space with people who are homeless.  And we at Knox had to ask questions we had not asked before:
  1. what does homelessness really mean?
  2. how to be a healing presence in our community – for the homeless and for our immediate neighbours?
  3. what is the role of churches and spiritual guides in the lives of the homeless?
The very beginning of an idea came from notes from First Presbyterian and First Baptist Churches, wondering how they could support Knox and become involved.
Then Chrissy Swain from Grassy Narrows had a dream – and began coming to sit on the lawn with patrons of the Hub – she brought sacred teachings, cedar and smudge and a place to talk, learn and be loved. It was a beautiful vision.
Now Knox has received a Grant to help to explore how spirituality can impact the people trapped by homelessness, Opioids, and mental health issues. No one is sure what the service Hub will look like as it gradually reopens, but hopefully it will provide opportunity for spiritual nurture and connection. Knox Leadership Team has received this Grant with gratitude and a Focus Group will begin its work on November 7th!



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“May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with you all”
2 Corinthians 13-14