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As I sat at 4:00 on October 21 pondering the view from my window, I struggled not to feel “ticked off”. It was beautiful – sparkly and white – just one more present that we can marvel at from Nature. Truthfully, I do not dislike winter and actually think that we are fortunate to have the different riches of each new season. How uninspiring it might be to always see green grass! And we have the security of knowing that we can “hunker down” in our homes and outlast whatever winter brings.And “hunker down” might be what we will need to do this winter. Many people are working to make our building safe, clean and sanitized so that some approved activity may return to Knox. At this point, though, the dedicated members of Worship Interest Group continue to plan for a reopening date for services at Knox and for a blueprint of what a service might resemble. Just think what it would be like for us if we did not have those wonderful youtube services to tune into on a Sunday morning.

At any rate, please know that we are thinking of you and praying that you and your families stay safe and healthy. We know that winter will hold the possibility of isolating us even more and so we welcome your ideas of how we might stay in touch with each other. What do you need from Knox or what ideas would you like to contribute? We have a Zoom account that we could use to connect you with a small group of friends … hmmmm … an online bridge game … family game night … Nothing is impossible! 

Please stay in touch, wrapped in the security of knowing we are not alone.

Lynda Pyzer 

Leadership Team

Need Assistance with Food?

Covid 19 has affected many of us in many ways. If you are experiencing food insecurity, and would like some assistance, please let us know. Our Pantry Outreach Group can be reached at  468-6923  M – F mornings. We recently received a generous, Covid specific, grant of $5,000 from the  Kenora Community Foundation. These monies are specifically to help alleviate some of the food insecurities many are facing during these unprecedented times. The funds must be spent within a year. No problem! I suspect the economic fallout will be with us for a while. Combined with the ongoing generosity of both Knox and community supporters, means we are here to help. You Are Not Alone!



Knox is a Affirming Congregation

At Knox United Church, we celebrate diversity. In God’s world we are diverse in gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, culture, age, physical ability, religious perspective, and economic status. Jesus met people wherever they were in their journey. Relationship changes us. Knox is an evolving community of faith that seeks to intentionally welcome new perspectives and leadership.

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Together In Ministry

Our building is CLOSED to the public at present. Please join us for online Worship Services at your
Knox United Kenora YouTube Channel.

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2 Corinthians 13-14